Coming 2010

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Studio: The Film Factory

Produced By :  C.A. van Aswegen and James Carroll
:  Co Produced by Susana Kennedy

Directed By:     Justin Head

Screenplay By: Justin Head

Starring: Chris Beasley, Corine Du Toit, Brandon Auret, Greg Melvill-Smith,
Yule Masiteng, Clare Marshall, David Sherwood, Antonio David Lyons, Matshepo Maleme, Leroy Gopal, Jennifer Steyn, Robert Whitehead, Kenneth Fok, Richard Lukunku and Susana Kennedy.

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Sean Darwin (Chris Beasley) used to be a maverick undercover cop with the Endangered Species Protection Unit, but after an operation involving a smuggling syndicate goes bad and results in the death of an innocent woman, Sean is kicked out of the police. Feeling disgruntled and shell-shocked, Sean tries to find comfort in a bottle, but it does little to stop the constant bombardment of haunting flashbacks to the tragic incident.

A dying wish is about change Sean’s life forever. His terminally-ill mother (Jennifer Steyn) asks him to scatter her ashes back home at Nyari Game Reserve, where the escalation in poaching has resulted in an all out war between Sean’s estranged father - the jaded ex-special forces soldier now turned game ranger, Jack Darwin (Greg Melvill-Smith) – and a band of ruthless poachers.

On arrival in Nyari Game Reserve, Sean is forced to join a group of tourists on a night drive safari. For married couple Karen (Corine du Toit) and Ian (Brandon Auret), it’s a chance to escape the traumatic memories of a home invasion that left Karen feeling suicidal, and turned her husband Ian into a trigger-happy cocaine addict. For golden oldies Rodger (David Sherwood) and Mary (Clare Marshall), it’s a chance to celebrate their anniversary in Africa – a lifelong dream. For Tumi (Matshepo Maleme) and Denzel (Antonio David Lyons), it’s another opportunity to continue their steamy love affair.

Africa has often been thought of as The Dark Continent, but for Sean Darwin and this eclectic mix of people, it’s about to get even darker. It’s not long before they make a gruesome discovery: the poachers are now hunting people for their body parts to be sold on the black market! The evidence is left behind by a refugee woman’s mutilated body - the work of a gang of muti poachers who extract their victims’ organs while they’re still alive. Hell-bent on tracking them down, Jack leaves the group in the care of his timid, superstitious tracker, Akani (Yule Masiteng).

Sean becomes the group’s only hope for survival. But if he’s going to keep them all alive he’ll have to confront his own inner-demons before they drive him to the brink of insanity…and everyone else to their graves!